I'll be the first to admit, I prefer the NFL to college football.  Mostly because college football fans annoy me, although the NFL has it's share of knucklehead fan bases (see Eagles, Philadelphia).  However,  I can get as charged up as any face-painting, beer guzzling college fan for a national championship game.  Five years ago  Texas and USC played one of the best football games in recorded history (mostly because 75% of the two-deeps in that game were future NFL players).  Fast forward five years later and Oregon/Auburn have a lot of similarities to USC/Texas.  Both teams have a ton of NFL talent and can score in bunches.  My gut tells me this game will play out similar to USC/Texas.  Oregon will dominate for three and a half quarters, but Cam Newton will take over the end of the game and lead Auburn to a winning score like he has done so many times this season.

Enjoy the game!