April 1st, also knows as April Fool's Day is one of the great opportunities for pranksters. In 1996, I participated in an April Fool's Day radio prank on our sister station KLAQ where we convinced our listeners that the Dallas Cowboys were going to play a preseason game against the New York Giants at the Sun Bowl. There was so much reaction to the phony story that the UTEP Ticket Office had to bring in several extra employees that day to handle the mass amount of calls they received. Ironically, a few months after the joke, the Dallas Cowboys announced that they would play a controlled scrimmage in August against the Houston Oilers at the Sun Bowl. The Cowboys actually played three controlled scrimmages in El Paso from 1996-1998 against the Oilers, Chargers, and Raiders.

Which brings us to today's great prank. "Prank Academy" is an original series on the YouTube Red channel featuring Jesse Wellens and and his partner in crime, Jeana. They both help pull off some great pranks, including one that featured members of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Angels superstar outfielder Mike Trout decided that pitcher Garrett Richards would be the perfect person to prank because "he believes everything", Trout told MLB.com. With the help of teammates Jered Weaver, CJ.Cron, and Kole Calhoun, the joke involved Richards and a young couple at a sushi restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. An attractive young woman who loves the Angels approaches the ballplayers and asks for advice on how to break up with her boyfriend. Moments after Richards told her that she needed to end the relationship immediately, a man walks up to the Angels players and says that he is about to propose to his girlfriend, who is a huge Angels fan. He asks Richards if he could deliver the engagement ring to his girlfriend, who turns out to be the same girl who wanted the break up. Everyone but Richards was in the joke, which included 10 cameras and a bunch of hidden microphones around the restaurant. Thee behind-the-scenes video was equally as entertaining.