Things are getting a bit too intense.

If you're watching the NBA Playoffs, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But if you're not ... my recommendation is to definitely tune in!!

Let's see, I last posted on the Heats victory against the Chicago Bulls on Game 2. I think everyone knew of that win (it was by 37 points). Heat 115 Bulls 78. Tying things up 1-1 in this series. That same night (Wednesday), the Golden State Warriors played their Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. GSW won 100-91.

Friday, it was Game 3 for the Miami Heat/Chicago Bulls series (which am sure a lot of you were looking forward to). The Miami Heat took this win as well (Yay!) 104-94. Now, is it me or are the Heat/Bulls games getting a little aggressive? Anywho, after the Miami Heats win making it 2-1; the San Antonio Spurs took their own win 102-92 on their Game 3 vs. GSW.



Saturday was Game 3 for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Memphis Grizzlies series, giving the Grizzlies their 2nd win 87-81. The New York Knicks took another loss against the Indiana Pacers 71-82 with their Game 3 giving the Pacers lead in this series 2-1.

Mother's Day only had one game, the San Antonio Spurs vs. GSW: Game 4. The Golden State Warriors won 97-87 putting this series tied 2-2.

Tonight is Game 4 of the Miami Heat vs. the Chicago Bulls and also Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the Memphis Grizzles. So tune in because who knows what's gonna happen now!!