Are ya watching the 2013 NBA Finals?!

Game 1 was good, but Game 2 was insane! (Kinda reminded me of the Miami/Bulls Game 2).

I don't know about you guys, but I think since the Playoffs started the games have been a bit unpredictable and crazy good. I've watched most of them and trust me, I think KLAQs Dubba G is dying for Basketball Season to end already. Ja!

Now, we all know I am a huge Miami Heat fan (c'mon, its my hometown, I gotta represent my boys!) So I am super ecstatic right now. Imagine how I was during Game 2 - 4th Quarter ... during Lebron James huge block!! Then Allen's 3 pointer and right after Miller's back hand throw to Lebron as he dunks it! Gorgeous!!

OMG!! Here's the clip in case you missed it, or just want to see it again!!



Well, tonight the San Antonio Spurs head home along with the Miami Heat for Game 3 (@ 7pm) and I am more than ready!


Go Heat!!!