In Sherwood Oregon, The Wrecking Ball is a twisted football play.  NOT a Miley tune!

Football fans in Sherwood Oregon have a lot to cheer about this season.  A team with 32 seniors on it that has been destroying their competition.  (They recently beat Putnam High 62-7!) Having that many veterans would be good for any team but these guys are so good, they're inventing wacky new plays just so everyone gets a turn!

Hence, "The Wrecking Ball".  This is absolutely hysterical.  Sherwood lines up to kick the extra point but then the holder spins away bouncing and screeching like a monkey. While everyone stops to give him their best WTF look, the QB calls for the snap and barrels into the end zone like a "wrecking ball".



He stops short of the scrimmage line and lofts a pass over to a 6' 11" receiver who earns the two points.  Why the last minute complication?  According to Sherwoods coach, Greg Lawrence it was part of a plan to keep all their players "active and engaged".  He continued saying;

We have 32 seniors." "We're trying to get of them in on special teams. We've been winning most games. We've been crushing everyone, so we've been trying to find things to make it fun for the kids.   "One of our other senior linemen asked if he could come off like a monkey, pick the tee up, and hop off the field like a monkey. Our special teams coach said 'Sure, why not? Let's do it.'"

I can think of a few pro football teams that wish they had Lawrences' problem!  How long do you think it will be before the "mercy rule police" come after these guys??

Sherwood has all kinds of "unique" plays.  Here's another 2 point conversion for your amusement. (Though I bet their opponents weren't to amused by it).

I love the "zombie" lineman to the left of the screen.

They literally just stand there like Jason and watch the other team lose their minds!  (And the game.)