When I heard the news that the UTEP Men's basketball team was "Bringin' Back the 80's," I could not be any happier. Some of my favorite Miner memories were from the teams of the 1980s. Who could forget names like Terry White, Virgil Kennedy, Fred Reynolds, Luster Goodwin, Juden Smith, Kent Lockhart, Dave Feitl, Wayne "Soup" Campbell, Tim Hardaway, Chris, Blocker, Greg Foster, and so many more. These players were such an important part of UTEP basketball history, that it's only fitting head coach Tim Floyd will pay tribute to one of the greatest eras in the history of the program.  Here's the new poster for the 2012-13 season.

Courtesy of utepathletics.com

When Tim Floyd returned to El Paso a few years ago, he vowed to bring back the excitement of the 1980s. That meant sold-out games, Miner Maniacs, conference titles, and trips to the NCAA Tournament.

Courtesy of Adidas and utepathletics.com

Coach Floyd is even bringing back the retro uniforms from the 1980s. Instead of the pick-axe that is synonymous with the current UTEP logo, the Miners will bring back the block-letter style and Columbia blue jerseys. I have not heard if the game shorts will resemble the "nutters" that players wore almost 30 years ago, but I have a feeling that they will be regular length. Basketball season can't come soon enough!