I've heard that UTEP is looking for something catchy to use for the upcoming football season.  Something like the "Orange Out" thing they did for basketball. They really want something to keep UTEP football in people's minds, and get football fans into the stadium for the games.

I gave it a moment's thought, and I think I've come up with something that accomplishes all of the above. It'll definitely galvanize the community and get people in the seats! The fantastic thing about it is they can keep using this phrase forever! It's not just for '11 football, but for the entire life of the UTEP football program. Also, with minor Photoshop magic, they can customize it to fit all UTEP sports!

Not that the Women's Golf team needs it right now. Congratulations to the ladies for winning the C-USA Championship! Check out Coach Jere Pelletier's interview with Steve on SportsTalk!

So here's my new slogan for UTEP football, let me know if you like it and think it works. Feel free to come up with your own slogan, too!