When the 2012 Schedule was released, there were mixed feelings about it, some good and some not so good.

UTEP's  first four games, as everyone knows, are one of the most brutal four game stretches in all of college football.

Last night, the third of the four games, the Miners showed what they are capable of. Totaling 41 points, 27 of which were in the first half and UTEP scored on its first four possessions of the game.

How did this happen? How did the Miners virtually double their offensive production from the first two games?

Very simply put, taking care of the ball and eliminating turnovers aside, the competition UTEP faced in the first two games prepared them for last night.

Don't for one second think I am putting NMSU down because I am not. The Aggies are a pretty good squad but they are not the caliber of Oklahoma or Ole Miss.

The Miners now have a chance to go into Madison, Wisconsin next Saturday and pull off an upset. The Badgers have struggled in their first three games and could very easily be 0-3 instead of 2-1.

Camp Randall is a very tough place to play. It's very intimidating, very loud and very red.

But the Miners are ready and the Miners are prepared. Why? Because of the schedule.