Romo was Elite for 58 minutes when Dallas needed the full 60. First the numbers: 25 of 36,506 yards, five touchdowns and one fatal interception. No question that was one of the most prolific performances in NFL history and most would argue that was Tony Romo’s best game with the star on his helmet.

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Romo and non-Romo fans were in awe of his performance thinking just maybe he was on his way to that “elite” level everyone likes to throw around for top NFL quarterbacks.

The stage was set with the score tied at 48-48 and just over 2 minutes to go in the game for Romo to show the world he was ready to take down the seemingly unbeatable 4-0 Denver Broncos led by all-world quarterback Peyton Manning.

All he needed was three points from the Dallas 20-yard line against a defense that he had absolutely dominated.

Just three points, not 80 yards for a touchdown, maybe 45-50 yards and it would have been pandemonium in Arlington.

The rest as everyone knows by now is history.

No argument with the Romo apologists that the defense was terrible and if Dez Bryant doesn’t fumble the outcome might have been different.  There are so many plays that could be pointed out that contribute to a win or loss.

Yes, Romo kept Dallas in the game and put them in position to win, but at the end of the day ONE mistake tarnished what could have been the single greatest performance by a Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

He was in the type of situation every NFL quarterback that is worth his salt wants to be in and he didn’t delivered when it mattered most.

Unfortunately for Romo these types of mistakes happen too often, earlier in the day most were all over the great Tom Brady for his fourth quarter performance and game-ending interception, but the scrutiny is limited because of what he has accomplished in his career.

There is no question Romo is a talented quarterback and yesterday’s performance proved as much, however, when a “big” game is on the line he has a propensity to fold under the pressure.

Luckily for the Cowboys they play in arguably the worst division in football and there is still plenty of time for Romo to build off this monster game and put his name back in the conversation of “elite” quarterbacks.