It is a very human trait to try and classify and typecast everybody.  Remember high school.  There were the jocks, the nerds, the druggies, the preppies, the nobodys, and so on.  Everyone had to fit in some preformed mold.

Sports fans also do that with athletes.  Guys like Jeff Garcia and Doug Flutie had to scrap and claw to get everything they earned in the NFL because they didn't fit the mold of what an NFL quarterback looks and plays like.  Ryan Leaf got chance after chance because he always looked the part.

That brings me to Tim Tebow.  How do you classify him?  Former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round of the 2010 draft, and not because he was sure Tebow would be a franchise quarterback.

Tebow was drafted in the first round because of his high character, and because McDaniels believed he could find a role for Tebow.  Tebow becoming a franchise quarterback would just be icing in the cake.

There is a Vince Young like quality with Tim Tebow.  The eyeballs tell you he is not an NFL quarterback, but it's hard to deny the results.  Young's critics said he would never beat you with his arm while his fans said who cares he is a winner.  Tebow's critics and fans will tell you the exact same things.

There are certain elements of Tebow's play you can't deny.  The Broncos play more inspired when Tebow is in the game.  Tebow gets the most out of his teammates.  He is now 2-3 as an NFL starter on a once dominant franchise that has been rebuilding for the last few years.

Sunday's win over Miami was a microcosm of the Tebow story.  For 57 minutes his critics were being vindicated.  Tebow couldn't move the ball against one of the worst teams in the NFL.  He was sacked seven times, and had less than 100 yards of total offense.

Then the final 2:44 happened, and wiped out what we had seen for the previous 57 plus.  Tebow got his team on the board, Denver recovered an onside kick, and the Broncos scored again and got the two point conversion to send the game into overtime.  Matt Prater nailed a 52 yard field goal in overtime to seal the deal and give Denver an improbable 18-15 win.

Why did Tebow have to complicate things?  I believe John Fox and John Elway truly think Tebow will never be a franchise quarterback.  The Broncos had no choice but to start Tebow in the Miami game.  Kyle Orton was ineffective, and Tebow nearly brought Denver back against San Diego two weeks prior.

Had Tebow failed we could have said he gave it his best, but he is just not an NFL starter.  With the win he bought himself a few more starts. That is just what his biggest fans wanted!  They don't care how you classify him, just classify him as a winner.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of 'The Miami Miracle.'