Here are just some of the notable sports moments that happened on October 29:

1908 — Ulrich Salchow of Sweden, who invented the spinning jump that still bears his name, won the first gold medal in figure skating at the Summer Olympics in London. (More info.)

1921 — Centre College of Danville, Ky., whose student enrollment was just 200, beat Harvard, 6-0, at Cambridge, Mass, snapping the Crimson's 25-game unbeaten streak in football. (More info.)

1950 — Marion Motley of the Cleveland Browns ran for 188 yards on 17 carries — an 11.1 yards per carry average — in a 45-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. (More info.)

1960 - In his first professional fight, Cassius Clay beat Tunney Hunsaker in the sixth round at Louisville, Ky. (More info.)

2008 — Completing an earlier-suspended game, the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays, 4-3, in Game 5 and won the World Series, giving the city its first major sports title in more than 25 years. (More info.)