Welcome to another edition of Icetime with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's topics include city council's vote for the downtown ballpark, a UTEP vs. NMSU recap, and a preview of their up coming game at Wisconsin.

We also discuss the Chicago White Sox and the AL Central race,  and the NFL as well.

My special thanks to KLAQ, KISS FM, and 600 ESPN El Paso General Manager  Brad Dubow for joining me today on Icetime!  I cannot thank him enough for hiring me back in 2004 and helping me make my dream to do sports radio a reality.  Brad has always been an advocate for me, and has always had confidence in my abilities, and for that I am extremely grateful.

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"Well, do you believe in wishful thinking?  Because I look at this game as wishconsin.  Because that's about what this is.  I mean this is a big team, this is a Big 10 team, they're going to be facing really big folks like we know.  I don't really think this game was scheduled to be a win, I think it's a money game."