With football season just a few weeks away, I was ask to compile a list of the best sports fans in El Paso. It would impossible to rank these sports enthusiasts, but each of them are unique and make the El Paso sporting event expeereince that much more memorable.

  • Edward "Ed" Davis

    This longtime UTEP fan is usually seen at Cappetto’s Italian Restaurant where he visits each table to make sure customers are enjoying themselves. However, he is also known as one of the most intense sports fans in the city, and has even been kicked out of multiple UTEP basketball games. When Davis is in the building nobody is safe, especially referees and the opposing team.

    Photo courtesy of Edward Davis
  • Maynard Haddad

    Here’s another UTEP veteran fanatic, who like Davis operates a legendary El Paso eatery. What is with restaurateurs and sports? When he’s not serving up huevos rancheros at H&H Car Wash, Maynard can be seen decked out in his UTEP gear and rooting like crazy for the home team.

    Photo courtesy of Maynard Haddad
  • Ron and Debby Munden

    This husband and wife team have been attending every sporting event UTEP offers for years. While Debby takes the more laid-back approach, the same can’t be said for her husband. Ron lives and dies by UTEP sports and often will let his emotions spill out onto the court or field. The entire Munden family could be mentioned in this piece, but I decided to keep it limited to the two that started it all.

    Ron and Debby Munden. Photo courtesy of El Paso Times
  • Russ Vandenberg

    When I asked UTEP Athletic Director Bob Stull about our next sports fanatic, he laughed and told me his favorite moments at a Miner game is when “Russ’ veins start popping out of his face because he gets so angry.” That, along with Vandenberg’s loyalty to his school have to give him a place in this small but legendary fraternity.

    Photo courtesy of Russ Vandenburg
  • Pat Flores

    Now this UTEP fan is probably the most recognizable supporter in El Paso. She always wears orange, has a louder voice than me, and gets her moneey’s worth at games. That also includes plenty of singing, dancing, and screaming while she and her husband root for the Miners. No disrespect to our make fans, but Pat has my vote for the crazieest sports fan in El Paso.

    Photo courtesy of Pat Flores
  • Kevin Wells

    The final El Paso sports fan to make my list is Kevin Wells, who can always be seen in the first few rows at every UTEP baasketball game. Looking at this recent photo, you can already see a bright shade of red, which only gets darker when Wells allows his wrath to reign down on opposing players and officials. He’s also a diehard Texas Rangers fan, and a pretty nice guy (as long as you’re not wearing the zebra stripes).

    Photo courtesy of Kevin Wells