Not Again! Those words were coming out of my mouth yesterday as the Dallas Cowboys collapsed in dramatic fashion as they blew a 23 point halftime lead to the Green Bay Packers in Jerryworld.

It's hard to believe, but I'm actually getting used to the Cowboys blowing big leads and losing in epic fashion.  A couple of seasons ago they blew a 20 something lead to the Detroit Lions, and oh yeah, earlier this season they let the Lions come back and win with seconds left in the game.

So who's to blame? Of course it's all Tony Romo's fault.  How many games has he cost the Cowboys because of an interception. How many times has he broken your heart? How many times have you thought that this is the year that Romo is gonna lead us to the promise land and it never happens?

So it's all Romo's fault right. Yesterday he threw two interceptions that cost the Cowboys dearly, although let's give credit to the Packers defense...those were some pretty amazing catches.

Even Cowboys coach Jason Garret said it was Romo's fault.  He said that the interception that Romo threw with 4 minutes left to go in the game was supposed to be a running play and Romo changed the play at the line of scrimmage. Yes, Garret threw Romo under the bus.

So it's all Romos fault right? He failed at stopping three 80 yard drives by the Packers in the second half.  Romo is the one that has allowed the most passing yards and fourth most rushing yards in the NFL.  Without a doubt, Romo is the worst defense in Dallas Cowboys history.

Romo should have just ran the ball in the second half and given up on the passing game. Romo should have hired a better head coach and better offensive and defensive coordinators. Romo should have put better talent on the team.

Yup, it's all Tony Romo's fault.