There Was No Super Bowl Power Outage on Twitter [PHOTO]
Does it say something about us that when there's a 34-minute power outage at the Super Bowl we don't turn to CNN or ESPN to find out what's going on, we turn to Twitter and Facebook? Yeah, it says that's where the action is, and some of it is hilarious!
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 05/10/12 [AUDIO]
It has been a crazy Thursday here 'On The Sidelines'!
Thank you for taking a time out to join me!
Tonight's show topics include: Rocky Colavito interview, people are on Twitter can really annoy me sometimes and the USFL is coming back...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 05/01/12 [AUDIO]
We have a new guest joining us tonight!!
Please welcome Anthony Salom from, 'On The Sidelines'!!
Tonight's show topics include: Conference realignment as it pertains to UTEP, the fight is OFFICIALLY on, the NBA is now soft, Anthony loves Twitter and I am furious …
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/21/12 [AUDIO]
All I can say is... OH MY GOODNESS!! What a morning in the sports world and then what an afternoon and evening!! Oh, I almost forgot, welcome 'On The Sidelines' by the way.
Tonight's show topics include: The NFL puts the hammer down on the Saints, Warren Sapp "outs" t…
Kim Kardashian Can’t Sleep, Posts Racy Twitter Pic
Kim Kardashian's Twitter account is the gift that keeps on giving.  A few weeks ago, Kim K posted a dressed down pic to show off her new bod.
Last night she apparently had a hard time sleeping so she did what most insomniacs do; she did her hair and make up and posted a racy picture...
Kentucky Has The Best Fans In College Basketball
Trust me when I tell you, it pains me as a Louisville Cardinal fan to write this.
If there is one thing I have learned since working here at 600 ESPN El Paso it is to be unbiased. It may be the toughest part of being in the media, to set aside your personal feelings and look at things with an open mi…
NASCAR Allows Brad Keselowski to Keep Phone in Car
Brad Keselowski may not have won Monday's Daytona 500, but he picked up well over 100,000 Twitter followers with one picture shown on the Fox telecast. During the now infamous Juan Pablo Montoya red flag, Keselowski tweeted a picture of his vantage point from the front seat of his car.

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