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Downtown El Paso Ballpark: Next Tuesday’s Big Vote
When City Council approved the new $50 million downtown ballpark with a 6-2 vote on June 26th, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Triple-A baseball was coming to El Paso by 2014. However, with mounting opposition to the ballpark's City Hall location, there is a growing concern that pla…
Updating Steve and Andy’s Bets
Since my arrival at ESPN El Paso in May of 2008, I have engaged Steve in a few wagers.  It started with a lunch bet in the Summer of 2008.  I didn't think Manny Ramirez would be traded from Boston, and Steve was sure he would be traded...
El Paso Triple A Baseball In Hands of PCL
The future of affiliated baseball and a El Paso downtown ballpark is now in the hands of Minor League baseball. Yesterday in Dallas, Mountain Star Sports Group presented to the Pacific League their plan to bring Triple A baseball to El Paso.

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