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Texas A&M Awkwardly Introduces Itself to SEC [VIDEO]
Oh, boy...if Texas A&M thought the whole "Aggie joke" thing might quiet down by moving to the SEC, this isn't going to help. As genteel as the South may be, when it comes to football it's best not to poke the hornets' nest. Especially when you poke it so...aw…
Texas A&M Will Join the SEC in 2012
After weeks of rumors, Texas A&M is set to leave the Big 12 and to join the SEC, the league said on Sunday. The move will go into effect next July.
“We are excited to begin competition in the nation’s premier athletic conference,” Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin …
Texas A&M to Leave Big 12
In the latest installment of the 'it's not you it's me' relationship between Texas A&M and the Big 12, the Aggies have notified the Big 12 that they plan to leave the conference by July 2012.
Texas A&M to SEC Rumors Heat Up Again
Last summer Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe looked like a savior when Nebraska and Colorado bolted for the Big 10 and Pac 10 respectively.  Faced with the prospect of his conference dissolving, Beebe secured a billion dollar, multi year television deal for the Big 12.  Crisis averted, right?
Billy Clyde’s a Keeper!
Texas Tech’s decision to hire Billy Gillispie as head men’s basketball coach was a great move. For the last few years, the Red Raiders’ program has been heading in the wrong direction and Gillispie is the kind of coach that can turn Lubbock back into a basketball town.
The Most Talented Man I Ever Knew
Dad always told me I need to cut back on the language.
Not bad language, just words.
A master of making a point in as few words as possible, my Dad, John Keith, died last week, aged 78.
His kidneys and heart had been worsening, though when he was in his heyday as sports information director/hospitality…