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El Paso Zoo Elephants To Predict Super Bowl Winner
We are just three days away from Super Bowl XLVIII, and opinion is divided as to which team will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. For the record, I have predicted the Denver Broncos will win the football game, but my prognosticating ability has been highly questionable this NFL season...
Sexiest Doritos Commercial Ever [VIDEO]
Doritos is notorious for making classic Super Bowl commercials.  They went all out this year making this sexy commercial that is without question one of the sexiest Super Bowl commercials that you may ever see.
( courtesy of youtube)
2014 Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
One of the best reasons to watch the Super Bowl is because of all the extraordinary commercials that air.  Millions of people are anticipating the newest Super Bowl commercials that will be shown this Sunday.  Here is a video that gives us a sneak preview to a few of the com…

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