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Place Your Bets On Super Bowl 47!
By now you know that the Super Bowl is one the most heavily betting sporting events of the year. It seems that every year the prop bets get crazier and crazier. Don't get me wrong, you still have your traditional bets like who's gonna win the game and who's gonna be the MVP.
Is Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad Racist, Mon? [VIDEO/POLL]
We're not quite sure what Volkswagen is trying to tell us in this ad for the new Beetle that will run during the Super Bowl this Sunday. In it, white people speak like Jamaicans. Is the new Bug a happy-making machine? Is it haunted by Marley's Ghost? (Bob Marley, of course.) Or, does it have a secre…
The First Super Bowl Touchdown [Video]
Check out this great animation video of former Green Bay Packer Paul Hornung telling the story of Max McGee and the most celebrated hangover ever. If you don't know, Max McGee didn't think he was going to play in the Super Bowl so he got drunk the night before. Turns out that the next…
In An Injury Free Season, Who Wins The Super Bowl? [Poll]
The NFL officially gets underway this sunday with the Hall of Fame Game (which you can listen to starting at 5:30pm right here on 600 ESPN El Paso) in which the Arizona Cardinals play the New Orleans Saints.
The beauty of the NFL is that most of the teams are competitive.  As matter of fact for that …

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