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Roach Humbled by Attention, But Having Fun [VIDEO]
Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., trainer Freddie Roach is in the middle of it all these days, and loving every minute. He was ringside for the unbelievable Manny Pacquiao decision, but we chose to look ahead -- and talk about Roach's life after HBO's "24/7".
What Would Cigarroa’s Beer Ban Do to Stop Cartel Violence? [VIDEO]
Under pressure, UT System Chancellor, Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, allowed the Chavez-Lee championship fight to go on in the Sun Bowl, but oddly banned the sale of beer in the stadium. If the threat of violence from the cartels was real, just what does Dr. Cigarroa think banning beer will do to stop them…
Unpopular Chavez/Lee Decision Boils Down to Risk [OPINION]
Take a look at just about every product you purchase. Chances are you will see a huge warning label telling you about the risk associated with that product. After a famous lawsuit some twenty years ago, steaming hot cups of coffee from McDonald's now come with a warning telling you the conten…
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 04/24/12 [AUDIO]
Today was not a happy sports Tuesday here in El Paso.
So I thought I would need someone to join me as I broke down all of the days happenings from the Sun Bowl.
Thank you to Miner Illustrated's Chris Avila for joining me, 'On The Sidelines'...

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