MLS Buys Chivas USA
In what is some pretty big news, the MLS has purchased Chivas USA from Jorge Vergara. Vergara, who is the owner of Chivas Mexico, has been under fire for sometime for how he has run the club.
Things went from bad to worse when "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" did a story on the clu…
This Is How Every Goal Should Be Celebrated
Check out this funny video of a guy, playing in an amateur game in Italy, who gets really really excited for his tap-in goal off a soft rebound. While the goal itself isn't great, its the celebration that makes it epic.
I can only hope that we get this during the World Cup
You can see the celebration …
Jurgen Klinsmann Will Remain With The USMNT Through 2018
Jurgen Klinsmann and U.S soccer have agreed to a 4-year extension, which will keep Klinsmann as head coach for the national team through 2018.
It's been about two and a half years since the U.S brought in Klinsmann and since then there has been a dramatic improvement...
Epic Meltdown! Guy Freaks Out While Playing FIFA 14
If you play sports video games like me, then you have freaked out at least one time when the game didn't go your way. Well in this video a guy is playing FIFA 14 soccer video game against one of his buddies and he has an epic meltdown when his buddy beats him in the game...

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