Shantal Monique — Babe of the Day
Shantal is a 23-year-old model and full-time student who comes to us via The Babe Spot. She was born in Seattle and now lives in Tempe, Arizona. She plans to major in biology at Arizona State University, but also has aspirations of attending graduate school and becoming an actress.
Sofia Vergara — Crush of the Day
Colombian born actress Sofia Vergara still leaves us feeling breathless and sweaty every time we see her on TV. She’s one of the hottest women on the tube, period, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. That’s why we’ve named her today’s Crush.
Predators’ Ice Girl Barehands Catfish to Clear Ice [VIDEO]
Okay, so we don't have a whole bunch of hockey fans in El Paso, but how about hot chicks with catfish? This is Jenna, a Nashville Predators girl. We hear Jenna hails from Minnesota and likes to ice fish, so handling this monstrosity presents no problems. It also explains how Nashville comes by …
The 7 Sexiest Redheads Of All Time [VIDEO]
Getty Images
With Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy sales skyrocketing, men all over remember how great redheads truly are. Even though in the Playboy spread Lilo is a blonde, at one point, she was one of the sexiest redheads of all time. She’s not alone though, some of the sexiest women on this p…
25 Questionably "Sexy" Halloween Costumes
Womens' costumes tend to leans toward the “questionable” side of the costume spectrum. Halloween is the only time of year when anything and everything can be considered “sexy.” Of course, that doesn't mean that every sexy costume is actually a good i…