‘Macho’ Men More Likely To Practice Safe Sex
A new study shows that guys with more testosterone in their systems are more likely to practice safe sex. This finding calls into question the widely held belief that “macho” guys are more excited by risky behavior, but only slightly.
Models ‘Grope’ and ‘Violate’ Golfers at Charity Event
An attempt to spice up a charity golf tournament in Australia with some sexy models has led to accusations that aren’t typically hurled at sexy models.
Darwin Life magazine, which was sponsoring the seventh hole, decided to staff their area with two scantily-clad representatives. (Not pictured,…
Amazing Look at BYU’s “Honor Code”
Yeah, it's from, which, as somebody pointed out, gave us the salacious photos of Brett Favre's junk. But this article is pretty well-done. Haven't heard any recants yet from any of the athletes they spoke to. Interesting note on one of the co-authors at the bottom of the …