Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl Streaker Katrina Torres On 600 ESPN El Paso [AUDIO]
It all started as a pact with her cousin Gary several years ago. Katrina Torres and Gary were going to make the trip to Hawaii and go to the NFL Pro Bowl.
But as it seems to happen sometimes, Life happened and Gary was injured in a motorcycle accident and the trip was an after thought...
Tolbert Conversion Gives Rice Team Pro Bowl Win
HONOLULU (AP) — DeMarco Murray caught a 20-yard pass for a touchdown and Mike Tolbert plunged into the end zone for a 2-point conversion with less than 1 minute to give Jerry Rice a win over Deion Sanders in the first schoolyard-style Pro Bowl on Sunday.
NFL Pro Bowl Will Now Be Fantasy Football Style Draft
The National Football League just does not want to get rid of the Pro Bowl. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the postseason all star game will do away with the AFC versus NFC format. Instead, they will adopt a fantasy football style draft to pick the teams...
The Pro Bowl Is A Joke! [Video/Audio]
So for a couple of years now, the NFL has decided to have the Pro Bowl played one week before the Super Bowl in the hopes that the ratings would go up.  Well after the embarrassment that what was presented as a "football game" the NFL should just cancel the game.