After Miner Gambling Losses, Is UTEP A Better Team?
...And then Tim Floyd cracked a smile and made jokes at Bob Stull's expense.
Yes, this story starts in the middle. That's because the first part you've heard, seen and read already. The part about UTEP's domination of their I-10 rivals from UTSA in an 81-62 win and the four-game w…
The Cowboys Suck And It’s All Tony Romo’s Fault!
Not Again! Those words were coming out of my mouth yesterday as the Dallas Cowboys collapsed in dramatic fashion as they blew a 23 point halftime lead to the Green Bay Packers in Jerryworld.
It's hard to believe, but I'm actually getting used to the Cowboys blowing big leads and losing in e…
Is UTEP vs. UTSA the Next Battle of I-10?
Rivalries are a wonderful thing, but it takes two of something to make one; whether you're talking Leonard-Duran, Apple-Google or Army-Navy.
UTEP-New Mexico State? Well...it's an old football rivalry. So old someone might be placing a call to 9-1-1 soon; which says one thing if the call goe…

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