Filip Forsberg Nearly Smashes His Face While Blocking a Shot
GIF: Forsberg lunges head-first into a shot block pic.twitter.com/MrttvC2mrY
— Steph (@myregularface) January 28, 2015
Filip Forsberg of the Nashville Predators, in a desperate attempt to save his team from a Colorado Avalanche goal, literally dove headfirst into the ice to block a s…
Watch A Hottie Fall As She Celebrates L.A. King’s Championship
On Friday night the Los Angeles Kings became the Stanley Cup Champions by beating the NY Rangers.  And although Rangers fans are sad, they can make themselves feel better after watching this video of of a hottie falling on her face as she was celebrating on the ice after the Kings victory
And what ma…
Why Iginla May Feel What Marian Hossa Felt 5 Years Ago
In the spring of 2008, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded for a very talented Marian Hossa to help bring Pittsburgh the Stanley Cup.  Hossa was joining very talented, still very young Penguins squad-- one that had two of the top young stars in the National Hockey League...
LA Kings Ice Crew is Ice-Melting Hot
It would be hard to find a more beautiful member of the LA Kings ice crew than Taylor.  Here is a fantastic video of her posing on the beach and in a Kings jersey as well.  Start your day off right with this video of Taylor, who is smoking hot...
Goalie Scores On Himself In A Ridiculous Way
Talk about an embarrassing moment for an NHL goaltender.  I've heard of scoring an 'own goal' in soccer but this is ridiculous.  Check out this video of Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith as he helps the opposition here.
(courtesy of youtube)

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