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Bob Costas Doesn’t Like The Mets [VIDEO]
While I was watching the US Open yesterday, I saw this sports update by the one and only  Bob Costas and thought it seemed a little over the top.
I guess I was right. Now it is on the web and watching it again is just as funny as it was the first time...
El Pasoan Omar Quintanilla Back in the Majors
Omar Quintanilla had a crazy day. He was called up to the Mets from Buffalo and arrived at Citi Field just prior to their game against the Phillies. The El Paso native was in New York's starting lineup playing shortstop and wearing his familar #6.
Mets’ Pitcher R.A. Dickey Discusses Sexual Abuse in New Book
New York Mets' pitcher R.A. Dickey is a pretty nondescript professional athlete.  His stuff was average at best, and he was on his way out of the game until he developed a solid knuckle ball in 2005.  With Tim Wakefield retired, Dickey became the only true knuckler in Major League Bas…
Why Bobby Valentine Will Work in Boston
There is a cliche that goes 'a reputation takes a lifetime to build and a moment to destroy.'  Bobby Valentine was never taken seriously after appearing in the Mets dugout in a disguise after being tossed from a game in 1999.
Bobby Valentine may not have been the Boston Red Sox first c…

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