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Drew Brees Slides into “Home” During Rain Storm
Anyone in New Orleans can tell you about the fun-loving nature of one of the NFL’s hardest working quarterbacks. In this video, you can see for yourself. During a rainstorm, Drew Brees and friends decided to have a little fun outside the New Orleans’ Saints training facility.
Could Sean Payton be Headed to Dallas in 2013?
The Sean Payton to (insert team here) rumors are really gaining traction. The NFL has voided the long term extension Payton signed with the Saints in September of 2011. This means Payton will be a 'free agent' coach if a new contract is not worked out by the end of the season.
Does a Tuna belong in New Orleans?
New Orleans is known for their superior Cajun cooking, which brings up the question, does tuna belong on the menu?  Of course there is only one person in sports who is worthy of being called "the tuna," and that is Bill Parcells.

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