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Kevin Durant Scores 66 Points at Rucker Park [VIDEO]
This video has gone viral, but with good reason.  For the unindoctrinated, Rucker Park in Harlem is the Taj Mahal of playground basketball courts.  For generations, the NBA's best have showed off their skills against the best street ballers in the world.
The NBA’s Version of The Red River Rivalry
No, it won't be 90,000+ crazed fans in burnt orange and crimson rushing to the venerable Cotton Bowl to watch the Horns and Sooners clash on the field, but the western conference finals promise to be entertaining.  For the first time ever, the NBA will take center stage in one of the most …
3 Card Monty
Now that I've had a little time to catch my breath, if the rest of the NBA playoffs are like the first two days it's gonna be epic.  TNT has this famous catchphrase of '40 games in 40 nights.'  By night 22 Chuck, the Jet, EJ, and all the fans are usually sick of the playoffs.  Charles gets so grumpy…