Jerry Sandusky

Joe Paterno Should Be Fired
I never thought that I would say this, but Joe Paterno should be fired!  For years everyone and their brother has loved Joe Paterno and what he has represented in college football.  I always believed that he was a true mensch.
Why Can’t We Focus On The Victims Of The Penn St Scandal?
By now you have heard about the unspeakable acts that have gone on at Penn State University. If you listen to sports talk radio as much as I do, you have been hearing about it non stop for the past two days.
The sad thing is, we are not hearing about the victims.
Now I am not talking about the Grand J…
Sandusky Cover Up Goes Beyond Penn State University
There was always something different about Penn State.  They had fallen behind some programs in national prominence, but Joe Paterno and his staff always found a way to stay relevant.  What made Penn State different is that they were winning games while maintaining a squeaky clean prog…