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Houston Kid Lays The Smack Down On Shaq [VIDEO]
When Dwight Howard announced he was going to Houston there were many different reactions around the league from fans and players a like. Not to mention the media, with all the stories and quotes from players and broadcasters.
Enter Shaq...
The Petulant Big Baby Howard Strikes Again
While the news came out on Friday afternoon that Dwight Howard was signing with the Houston Rockets instead of re-signing with the Los Angeles, I am writing today because he wasn't actually able to sign his deal until today.  Yes Dwight Howard is now a Houston Rocket-- his third team in as…
Dwight Howard Leaves Lakers, Joins The Rockets [Photo]
The Dwight Howard sweepstakes finally has come to an end as the 7 time NBA All Star posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing a red Houston Rockets jersey.
Howard's deal is worth $88 million over the next four years. Dwight would have made about $30 million if he would have stayed with the …

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