Yolanda Krupiarz — Babe of the Day
Yolanda Krupiarz is a model from Vernon, New Jersey, who enjoys the wondrous sounds of Lana Del Ray and Flight of the Conchords. She also enjoys watching The Wendy Williams Show. Why? We’re not sure.
Tangerine – Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Tangerine – a 22 year old Argentinian who’s into classic rock and the Quentin Tarantino campy horror flick ‘Death Proof’. We’ve always wanted to be Stuntman Mike… minus the whole murdering hot chicks part.
Riae Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Riae – a 27-year-old SuicideGirl from Italy who’s into Hentai and loves all things Super Mario – Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Yoshi Island, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Party 8. We have our Toadstool costume around here somewhere.
GoGo Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet GoGo – a self proclaimed internet geek who, despite her name, doesn’t dance in a cage or on a pole. She’s really into fur and hair, which is perfect because we’ve completely slacked on our manscaping.
Tovi Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Tovi – a 22-year-old student who’s into pugs, dinosaurs, and the outdoors. She hates revolving doors and birds. Yeah, but has she ever seen a bird trapped in a revolving door? That’s some highbrow entertainment.
Tourniquette Suicide — Today’s Suicidegirl
Meet Tourniquette – She’s in the business of Visual Merchandising Outsourcing and Industrial Design. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Well, one thing that’s not confusing is why we love that one of the things she cannot live without is her tongue piercing

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