5 Crazy Sports GIFs
Sometimes a slow motion replay is needed to help capture some of the amazing moments to be seen in an arena.
Watch Frank Caliendo As the Entire Cast of ESPN
Everyone knows Frank Caliendo's John Madden impression. Recently, they've seen his Jon Gruden imitation. But Caliendo takes it to a different level entirely with this video where he is, basically, the entire CAST of ESPN!
Watch MORE NFL Bad Lip Reading
So, what do quarterbacks talk about on the sidelines with their offensive linemen? You won't find out here, but you WILL laugh watching the Bad Lip Reading geniuses give us what they think is being said.
Get Rid of PAT Kicks in the NFL? Lou Holtz Gives His Rebuttal
As you might expect, not everyone believes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's idea to get rid of point-after kicks is as wonderful and thought-provoking as many believe it could be. With a "shocking" rebuttal, here's ESPN college football analyst, former Arkansas, Notre Dam…

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