It’s Time To Play…Pro Athlete or Porn Star?
One of the main reasons we love sports so much is that it’s chock full of sexual innuendos. There are poles, strokes, a whole lot of balls, and that’s just the beginning. You name it, we can twist it around and make it sexual, because we’re all immature 12-year-old kids at heart.
Wedding Bouquet Pass Helps Win Game
Washington state high schools Tumwater and Capital could very easily be nondescript rivals on 'The Simpsons,' but an incredible, momentum-changing 2-point conversion during their Sept. 22 double-overtime battle won by Tumwater has brought the schools national fame.
Conan Remembers the NFL Replacement Refs [VIDEO]
Hey, wow, after months and months of getting nowhere with the NFL, looks like the league's referee will be back in uniform for all of this week's games!
Gee, wonder how that happened?
While the refs and the league dot "I's" and cross "T's", we want to take this moment to remember t…
5 Former Athletes Who Flamed Out on TV
Former Giants’ defensive end Michael Strahan is reportedly on the short list to take over for Regis Philbin on the popular morning program “LIVE!” If Strahan is chosen, it wouldn’t be his first entrance into the cultural limelight — he starred on the forgettable FOX sit…

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