Which NFL Team Has the Craziest Sports Fans? [PICTURES]
There’s just something about NFL football that makes us want to slap on some war paint, throw back some beers and make drunken messes of ourselves. Some fans are clearly more into this than others and it’s those hardcore sports nuts that we all get our inspiration from.
Which Baseball Fans are the Biggest Homers?
The folks in New York and Boston may be the loudest when it comes to heaping praise on their favorite hometown baseball players, but they are far from the most biased when it comes to being homers — you know, showing too much love for the players on their teams.
The Craziest Sports Fans in El Paso – Our Top Six
With football season just a few weeks away, I was ask to compile a list of the best sports fans in El Paso. It would impossible to rank these sports enthusiasts, but each of them are unique and make the El Paso sporting event expeereince that much more memorable.
How to Get Ready for the NFL Season – Our Top 5 Tips

Ahhh, the gridiron beckons! Football players have agreed on a price. So have players in the NFL. College camps have started. The lockout is over. Players are sweating now to make you sweat later when the game or your fantasy stats or the spread is on the line.

Football is back!

But in order to make it…

[PHOTO] Amok Time: Vancouver Loses Stanley Cup, “Fans” Riot
This is just ridiculous, and a bit scary. The Canucks led the NHL with the best record almost all season long, get all the way to Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals...and lost to the Boston Bruins. Fans were understandably upset. But more than a few were more than upset -- they were stupid!