Erin Andrews

Sportscaster Erin Andrews Finds New Home on FOX
Sports fans, in particular fans of nationally renowned (and occasionally peeped on) sportscaster Erin Andrews were likely dismayed last week to learn that their favorite blonde would no longer call ESPN home, but instead would seek employment elsewhere.  A week later, there’s been little …
10 Hottest Sideline Reporters Not Named Erin Andrews
Our month of 'Everything But The Game' continues with a look at the job that Erin Andrews helped make famous.
We probably take sideline reporters for granted. Imagine watching an NFL playoff game without getting sideline updates from Armen Keteyian about Andre Johnson&…
Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nude Video
When staying in a hotel, there is an expectation of privacy, right? Well, ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews lost that privacy big time in 2008 when video was taken of her naked through a hole in her hotel room wall and then leaked onto the Internet. Andrews is now filing suit.