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El Paso Rhinos vs. Cheyenne Stampede [AUDIO]
LAS VEGAS , NV – It was the most anticipated game of Day 3 at the Western States Shootout Tournament. The up-and-coming expansion Cheyenne Stampede faced off against the reigning Mid-West Division Champion El Paso Rhinos in a dual that was so good, it wouldn’t have been right if it didn&…
Duke Keith Makes His Football Picks [VIDEO]
It's been a full weekend so this video was delayed, but you'll notice on the official "picks" post a little further in that my college predictions were made and noted BEFORE all the games. The pros? We'll see...
World’s Greatest…Dad? Nope. Red Sox Fan? Meh.
A guy proved what a big Red Sox fan he is and what a horrible dad he is at the same time. His young son said he loves the Yankees, not the Red Sox, and his dad gave him a really hard time about it and made him CRY. Then eventually the dad said, "You're gonna have to find a new place to…
The Real Stars of the Show
It's Sunland Derby time again at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino. The Grade III Derby could well place one or more of its horses in Kentucky Derby. In honor of the big race, here's a piece from last year showing that, however we humans may want to pose like we're kings of the …
The Most Talented Man I Ever Knew
Dad always told me I need to cut back on the language.
Not bad language, just words.
A master of making a point in as few words as possible, my Dad, John Keith, died last week, aged 78.
His kidneys and heart had been worsening, though when he was in his heyday as sports information director/hospitality…
Remember Texas vs. The Nation?
"...If Hansmire thought this game could play in Texas cities east of here -- heck, if he thought it could ever out-grow El Paso -- all he has to do is look at those Alamodome snapshots..."

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