The Pro Bowl Is A Joke! [Video/Audio]
So for a couple of years now, the NFL has decided to have the Pro Bowl played one week before the Super Bowl in the hopes that the ratings would go up.  Well after the embarrassment that what was presented as a "football game" the NFL should just cancel the game.
Baltimore Raven Fan Loses His Mind After Missed Field Goal [Video]
Without a doubt, the NFL has some very passionate fans.  Last week I showed you the Packer fan that cried when they lost.
Today I give you the out of shape, know every thing bearded super raven fan that loses his mind after Billy Cundiff missed the field goal that cost the Ravens the game agains…
Female Packer Fan Cries Over Loss To Giants [Video]
It's safe to say that the Packer Nation was in shock after their team the Green Bay Packers got manhandled by the N.Y. Giants 37-20 in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs this past Sunday.  One female fan took the loss so bad that it brought her to tears.
The Hottest NFL Fan You Will See Today-Tehmeena Afzal
Like you, The Monster is upset that the NFL labor agreement hasn't been signed yet, but fear not for the Monster has your back fellas.  I present to you The Monster Hottie of the Day...Tehmeena Afzul.She is gonna make you forget about the NFL and all their problems for at least 3 1/2 minut…
Awesome Wrestling Finishing Move [Video]
In all my years involved in pro wrestling , I can't believe that I never ever thought about this finisher.  It's called the grenade and its done by wrestler Chuck Taylor.  You have to see it for yourself to believe it

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