5’5″ Porter Maberry Performs An Incredible Dunk (Video)
Back in the 80's, I used to love to see the NBA slam dunk competition, especially when 5'7" Spud Webb would compete in them.  Check out this video of 5'5" Porter Maberry performing and Eastbay dunk.  Thats a dunk in which a player catches the basketball, pu…
NFL’s Ref Disaster Gets Funny Taiwanese Animation [Video]
Did you hear that the real NFL refs are back!  They reached a deal with the league last night, and they'll be on the field for tonight's game between the Browns and the Ravens.
But just because the deal was made, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy this video that those crazy Taiwanese animators made abou…
The Cowboys Learn How To Finish [Opinion]
Without a doubt, the most impressive thing I saw last night when the Dallas Cowboys beat the NY Giants 24-17 at Met Life Stadium, is that the Cowboys learned how to finish a game.  If you're a Cowboy fan you should be happy about a couple of things.

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