Epic Fail! Batter Prematurely Celebrates Home Run [Video]
Check out this video in which Jun-Woo Jeon of the Lotte Giants of the Korean Baseball Organization, thought he was going to be the hero of the game.
He went up to bat with a runner on base in the ninth inning, his team down two runs. So when he launched a deep fly to left field, he started …
Thoughts On The NBA Playoffs [OPINION]
The NBA basketball playoffs are in middle of the second round and while we are being entertained by one series in particular which is San Antonio/Golden State, the rest have been surprising but not in a good way.
Epic Fight Breaks Out In Youth Russian Hockey Game [Video]
Check out this video in which an epic brawl breaks out during a youth Russian hockey game between Metallurg and Barys.
This crazy fight keeps going on for 2 solid minutes!  I counted at least two times that I saw a child fly in the air, then tackle another child
Lingerie Football QB Delivers Epic Forearm Shiver [Video]
If you thought that the Lingerie Football League was all hugs and kisses because women are playing football in their undies, you're wrong.
Check out this video in which the Quarterback of the Los Angeles Temptation's Ashley Salerno proves why she is considered the toughest QB in the le…

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