Harvard Baseball Team Covers “Call Me Maybe” [VIDEO]
Yes, sports is fun. But, as anyone who has even played high school sports can tell you, road trips suck. Take as many of them as a college baseball team and you'll do anything to pass the time. For Harvard's baseball team, the road blues led them to choreography to pop hits.
Baseball Players Give Rain Delay Plenty of Action [VIDEO]
Ah, the pop of the glove, the "tink" of the bat...That's right, it's college baseball season, too! I generally prefer the college game over the pros in many sports; and while MLB has its own magic because of its tradition, college baseball can be a lot of fun. You'd …
All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams in Under 60 Seconds [AUDIO]
It's tourney time! Get those Bracketbusters picks in, because March is officially Mad.
Inevitably, there are many questions at this time of the year, like, "What's a Catamount?" Or, "How do two schools nowhere near Ireland or Scotland both name their team the Gael…

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