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‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 2/01/12 [AUDIO]
Chad and Andy have yet to be cancelled, so you are in luck! The new show is ready for you.
Today's show topics include: UTEP Football coach Mike Price in Studio, Floyd Mayweather is a role model?, Facebook to go public and the Undertaker is back on WWE...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 1/31/12 [AUDIO]
Listen to the latest podcast from Chad and Andy in the new installment from 'On The Sidelines'.
Show topics include: Steve's interview with ESPN recruiting Senior writer Mitch Sherman, Superbowl Media day sucks, Danica Patrick is in the field for the Daytona 500, Andy hates t…
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 1/30/12 [AUDIO]
The guys are back after a so so sports weekend and are ready to go!
Show topics include: Buzz plays a practical joke on Steve, have the Magic players quit on Dwight Howard, a girl who eats only chicken McNuggets is rushed to the hospital and Liverpool FC pulls the Manchester sweep...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 1/27/12 [AUDIO]
Chad and Andy are back again for their third edition of the 'On the Sidelines' podcast.  Today's topics include the naturally bizarre nature of Friday shows, Pat Sajak admitting to drinking before taping 'Wheel of Fortune,' Kim Kardashian reaching out to Tim Tebow, and …
On The Sidelines… The First Podcast [AUDIO]
Welcome to the first installment of On The Sidelines!
Andy and I had a blast doing the show!
We hope you enjoy it!
If you have questions for us or comments, please send them to us. We will read some of them on the Show!
To contact us: Follow us on Twitter @otsshow and @andyhlee84...
My Views About Sports Talk Will Be… On The Sidelines
Thanks to Steve Kaplowitz and with the help of Andy Lee, starting 01/25/12 I will be posting a blog, with audio, called "On The Sidelines".
Because, lets be honest, that is where I am!
This blog will be about my thoughts and views of the days show and I will be interviewing Andy ever…
Miners Handle Pesky Tulsa
The Miners got off to a much better start tonight than they did on Sunday and put away what turned out to be a very good Tulsa squad, 67-56.
It took a little while, and trust me it was not for lack of effort but the Miners finally pulled away near the end of the game and have now moved to 14-2 on the…
PGA Tour Begins New Season Tomorrow
The PGA Tour is back once again. Are you excited about it? You should be.
Unfortunately, since that fateful day in November of 2009, everyone thinks that golf has slipped a bit or has become not as relevant in the sports world then as it once was when Eldrick was roaming the fairways of the Tour…
Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints Wild Card Preview
The New Orleans Saints will host the Detroit Lions in the night game on Saturday and should provide the most offense and excitement of all the wild card match ups this weekend.
The Saints, are coming in riding an 8 game winning streak and for the first time in team history, went undefeated …
FA Is Wrong With Decision On Liverpool’s Luis Suarez
The FA announced moments ago that they have banned Luis Suarez eight matches and 40,000 pounds for his alleged racial slurs to Patrice Evra of Manchester United in a match on October 15th.
Not a single other person on the pitch or in the stands saw or heard anything to back up Evr…

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