15 Famous Athletes Who Had a Good Cry in Public
Tom Hanks’s character Jimmy Dugan famously said in ‘A League Of Their Own’ that “There’s no crying in baseball.” But that warning hasn’t stopped some of professional sports’ top players from showing their softer side from time to time.
5 Great Athletes Who Spurned Chances to Play Other Sports
Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan, Danny Ainge and a select few others set a modern standard for their unique abilities to play two professional sports at their peaks. But it’s not so odd for a young phenom to make a choice when it comes to picking one sport over another.
University of Wisconsi…
College Athletes Petition to Receive Money from NCAA Revenue
More than 300 intercollegiate athletes are petitioning the NCAA to cut them in on the significant revenue gained from TV sports contracts and reform what athletic scholarships currently cover, the Associated Press reports. Athletes from Arizona, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Purdue and UCLA have signed th…