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Meet The Worst Basketball Shooter Ever! [VIDEO]
Last December, we showed the video of Sportstalk's Andy Lee succesfully making a layup, free throw, and shot from the top of the key to win a new 32-inch HDTV. Now, meet the Bizarro World Andy; a guy who tried to win a Camero during a halftime contest at the NC Pro-Am, considered…
Sports and Health Expo 2011 [PHOTOS]
Here's a gallery of some of the Sports & Health Expo 2011 fun that happened today! Hope you made it out and had some fun with us!
If not, be ready for next year's Sports & Health Expo! Thanks to everyone who helped out, and everyone who came to hang out with us!
The Show Within the Show- Episode One
The first of hopefully many show within the shows.  I apologize for the Blair Witch Project camera work.  This was my first day using the flip cam.  It will get better with time.
Testing the Waters
Sports radio has this interesting phenomenon where seemingly innocuous comments can turn into full on debates.  Such an event took place on Monday's version of Sportstalk.
Andy Wins a Flat Screen TV
KROD's Andy Lee was selected to participate in the Goff's Appliance & TV Shootout to win a 32-inch flat screen TV. It came down to the nifty-gritty, but Lee for three wins a TV!
Andy’s Embarrassing First Pitch
For the 20th Anniversary of Diablos baseball moving to Cohen Stadium, Andy Lee threw out the ceremonial first pitch.  For the embarrassing results, watch the video over and over and over.