Transit authorities in Sweden have discovered a new passenger demographic –pigeons are getting around Stockholm on the subway.

The city’s underground system, the MTR, is trying to decide how they can disperse an opportunistic flock of pigeons that has taken to hopping on the subway to catch a ride to their favorite eating spot. These sly birds, who seem to prefer a relaxing ride to flying, don’t seem to be a major problem for the underground, yet.

Spokesman for the MTR Rasmus Sandsten said that the crafty birds “stand calmly at the platform and wait for the subway train to arrive. When it does they get on, travel one stop, jump off and then head for their favorite haunts.”

The transit authority believes the birds live in south Stockholm and use the subway to get to a nearby shopping center that has numerous cafes and other sources of food. All they need are dark rimmed glasses and a love of anything counter-culture and they’ll be the first species of hipster pigeons.

Sandsten said that there have been no passenger complaints about the freeloading feathered friends so far.  “They behave well while on board and don’t seem to be making much of a mess. They also choose to travel later in the day.”

Even birds know to avoid traveling during rush hour.