Friday on SportsTalk, Asher Widman called in to make a bet with Steve on the Jets Dolphins game.

Steve, a huge Jets fan and Asher, a huge Dolphins fan had been debating the stakes on Twitter Thursday night.

Finally them came to an agreement that the loser would paint their nails in the others team colors and after the first quarter yesterday, it was all over but the crying for Steve as his Jets fell behind 10-0 and ended up get thrashed 30-9 by Asher's Dolphins.


So at today's UTEP Women's Basketball presser, Steve and Asher got coach Adams to paint Steve's nails in front of all the media at the presser. ABC 7 camera's were rolling and taking in each stroke coach Adams applied. Asher also filmed an interview and Rudy from the El Paso times was on hand to get some photos as well.


I have to tell you, Steve was a great sport through it all and will now have to deal with his teal and orange nails for the rest of the week.


These last photos were part of the photo shoot Rudy did.