Until the signing of Terrell Owens earlier in the week, the Seattle Seahawks were leading the NFL in least amount of buzz heading into 2012.

They were 7-9 in 2011, and outside of some 'beast mode' runs from Marshawn Lynch, there was little of note to report about Seattle.

The defense has steadily improved under Pete Carroll, but the offense has been light years behind what an NFL offense should look like in the twenty-teens.

Seattle hopes former Packers backup Matt Flynn will be the franchise quarterback they have been looking for since Matt Hasselbeck left.  Flynn only has a few starts under his belt, but he put up some eye-popping numbers.

Bill Swartz covers the Seahawks for the legendary KIRO, now known as ESPN Seattle.  Swartz's first broadcasting job, at the age of fifteen, was the voice of the 1982 Kirkland, Washington little league team that won it all.  Before getting into the Seahawks, Swartz reflected on that magical summer 30 years ago.

We ran out of time at the end of hour one, so we picked it up at the start of hour two.