Just three weeks remain in the 2011 NFL season. While many teams are still chasing playoff berths, others are filled with players and coaches who would like nothing better than to spoil the chances of their rivals while auditioning for potential new suitors for 2012.

The built-in drama of the sport and business of pro football creates a compelling real-life narrative every Sunday, as it also does in the fictional world of this week’s Sports Movie of the Week,: ‘Any Given Sunday.’ Renowned director Oliver Stone’s 1999 film on the inside workings of pro football stars an ensemble cast, including several participants who would be more recognized at the ESPYs than they would at the Academy Awards.

Legendary actor Al Pacino stars as Tony D’Amato, the head coach of the Miami Sharks of the Associated Football Franchises of America (AFFA). The Sharks are led by quarterback Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid), who gets injured and is replaced by Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx). As Beamen’s raw athletic talents allow him to be come successful, the budding young star clashes with his experienced coach and veteran teammates, all of whom are tying to get Miami to the playoffs. Meanwhile, D’Amato must face an impending retirement and clashes with brassy, young female team executive Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz).

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Any Given Sunday’

1. The opportunity to see the Orange Bowl and Texas Stadium, two iconic football venues that have since been demolished and replaced.

2. An incredible array of former football stars and personalities, including Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor in supporting roles and cameos from Dick Butkus, Johnny Unitas, Emmitt Smith, Terrell Owens and many more.

3. The incredibly realistic game-action on screen from the players and the cast, including athletic actors like LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx.

4. Part of the story behind the film is allegedly based on the real-life of a former doctor for the then-Los Angeles Raiders.

5. An interesting soundtrack of hip hop, rock and R&B (DMX, P.O.D. and Swizz Beatz) which illustrates the popularity of fusing rap and rock at the time of the film’s release.

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