There is a reason why I do not gamble on sporting events for a living.  If I did, I would have bet a considerable amount of money on the Texans to cover the spread and defeat the Cowboys yesterday. So much for my belief that the Texans are one of the 3 best  teams in the AFC (Colts, Jets, and Steelers are my top 3).  Their pass defense was exploited, they got zero pressure on Tony Romo, and their offense couldn't score from the 1-yard line.  Much of the credit should be given to the Cowboys, for putting it all together in Houston.  No dumb mistakes and mental breakdowns.  Instead, an offense that looked good, highlighted by the resurgence of Roy WIlliams.  On defense, they pressured Matt Schaub and made all the big plays.  The only bad thing about the win is that Dallas has to take a week off for their bye week instead of riding the momentum into next Sunday.