Rich Williams the guitar player of the group Kansas called into the KLAQ Morning show today to talk about coming to Streetfest, the history of the the band and about one of his legendary songs.

During the interview Rich talked about how long it took before the really started to make money:

“We signed a really bad recording contract, and it wasn’t until after the 4th album that we were able to pay it all back.  Then we started to see some cash come our way.”

On his legendary song “Dust in the Wind”

“It’s actually the 35th anniversary of that song, and I’m stopped everyday by people that tell me that thats the first song that the learned when they started to play a guitar.  As a matter of fact, to this day I teach that song first to anybody that I’m teaching how to play guitar.”

Rich also talked about how excited he and the band are to come to El Paso for the Streetfest and he talks about the difference about touring when he was younger to touring now:

“We are better at it.  We’ve turned it into a science and we enjoy it a lot.”

You can listen to the interview here: